Don't just make it, Golden Bake it!

Convenience is Key!


At Golden Bake we make convenient, ready-to-bake goodies… parcels of golden flaky Puff Pastry, ready in minutes, designed to fill your belly and warm your heart! Our range can be freshly baked from the comfort of your kitchen, the perfect feel-good food!  

Check em out…

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The Classic!

If you’ve ever enjoyed a hot, flaky Jambon (as we call them here in Ireland - the more adventurous ones that travel round the world are known as ‘Crowns’) you’ll know they’re oozing with our delicious creamy Ham & Emmental Cheese filling.

Grab a box in the freezer aisle and cook at home in minutes - it couldn't be easier! 

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Golden Bake mini Ham & Cheese Jambons

The Little‘uns

The only thing better than one Jambon?

Lots of little jambons!

We now offer Mini Jambons (or Mini Crowns, as they’re called around the world), with our famous cheesy creamy Ham & Emmental filling in miniature - perfect for kids, or for snacking, with only 99 calories per portion! Pick ‘em up in your local Supermarket and bake at home in minutes.


Chick it out!

Make sure you try our scrummy Chicken & Mushroom Crowns - this delicious creamy filling with fresh Mushroom & chunks of Chicken is also ready to enjoy in minutes!

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Golden Bake Sausage Rolls

We’re Rollin

What could be yummier... delicious herby Pork Sausage wrapped in flakey Puff Pastry. Get that bakery-fresh taste at home in minutes.

Mouth-wateringly good!


Shove ‘em in the oven

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Nothing Beats it!


 Get your mits on em!

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