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Good things come to those who bake

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Our Ingredients

At Golden Bake, we’re a family company, and though we’ve now grown to be Ireland’s leading Puff Pastry company, with exports all over the world, we’re proud to support our neighbours. Where possible, we source from local suppliers.

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Our values

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We are a long standing member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil - where possible we try to only source sustainably sourced palm oil. Check our progress at

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Water Use

We are committed to reducing our water consumption per kg produced by 10% by 2022.

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We are a long-standing member of Repak and are aiming to eliminate all waste to landfill by 2022.

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We are committed to reducing all waste by 10% by 2022.

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Energy Use

We are committed to reducing our energy consumption per KG produced by 15% by 2022.

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Our Community

Engaging in local community employment programmes and supporting local charities and sports clubs.

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Just sayin’…


We’re proud to hold numerous Quality Awards & Accreditations