Don't just make it, Golden Bake it!
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What We Offer

At Golden Bake, we not only produce delicious ready-to-bake pastries to enjoy at home but we also create a wide range of bespoke pastries for leading partners all over the world. We offer unique sweet, savoury and unfilled options for our partners.

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Our Range

At Golden Bake we create unique products, using trend-driven analysis to create exciting new products. Our capabilities include:



We create delicious sweet filled Puff Pastry products, from concept, to production, to freezing and delivery. We are known for the quality of our French Method Puff Pastry and our wide range of sweet fillings, including Bramley Apple, Cherry, Blackberry, Raspberry and Chocolate, to name just a few.



Our savoury range includes an extensive range of ingredients, sourced locally where possible. The full savoury range features our famous Puff Pastry, with over 100 light, flaky layers encasing delicious fillings such as Sausage, Ham, Chicken, Mushrooms, Tomato, Cheese, Herbs and Spices, and many more.



For partners who want the freedom to create, we produce a range of unfilled pastry, layered in the traditional French Method and available in a wide variety of bespoke shapes, sizes and designs.