Don't just make it, Golden Bake it!
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What we do

If you’ve ever enjoyed a delicious warm Ham & Cheese Jambon on the go, chances are, it’s one of ours. With convenience in mind, Golden Bake brings you flavour combinations in golden and flaky puff pastry that you can now bake in minutes in your own oven.

Crowd pleasing yumminess that never gets old!

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What’s cookin’?

At Golden Bake we make Ireland’s most popular puff pastries, using the traditional French Method to create light & flaky bakes.

We source as many delicious Irish ingredients as we can get our mitts on. Find out more about what goes into our delicious products...


Keeping it Green


We’re a family bakery, and we appreciate our beautiful environment, and our community here in Ireland. Now that we export our delicious products all over the world, we extend this concern for the environment into all parts of our business.


Now Available to Bake at Home!

Bring them home & shove ‘em in the oven for that Bakery Fresh taste at home